Jonathan Toivo Rice

I am an artist, sailor, rescue diver, and entrepreneur. Unfortunately, when I was 16 I faced a life changing head injury, giving me a  severe concussion and a fractured neck. Over the next few months I hit my head 4 more times, amplifying my injury severely. I developed post concussion syndrome, and my life came to a grinding halt. Head Harmony is a representation of my journey to recovery. 

"I was so afraid of forgetting my experiences after my head injury that I started photographing everything. Photography brought peace into my life and a curiosity to do more. Fear is an interesting thing. It pushed me to find this artist outlet. The funny thing with art is, it took that fear away. Head Harmony is the culmination of my journey to recovery and finding my self. Life is full of twists and turns, maintaining balance can be difficult, my goal is to make that journey easier." - Jonathan Toivo Rice